LIVE Video Stream

$ 250.00 $ 300.00

Live Stream

Lets face it, we live in a really cool time for technology and just a few years ago the idea of watching someone getting married on a beach in Hawaii was as far fetched as some sci-fi movies!

Our LIVE Video Stream allows friends and family that can't be with you on your Big Day to watch and hear you from anywhere in the world on almost any device!

  • LIVE Stream • Video streamed LIVE right onto our website!

  • First 30 Days • You will be able to Watch and Share on our LIVE Stream Page

  • After 30 Days • We will upload the Video to our YouTube Channel for at least 1 year!

  • Get a Copy • For an additional $100.00 we will send you a copy of the Video

NO SIGNAL? NO WORRIES... In the rare event that your location does not allow us to stream your event LIVE we will record the event exactly the same and then publish it as a LIVE Event as soon as possible after the event.

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