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Which Island should you marry on?

About Oahu

About Maui

About Kauai

About The Big Island

Common Questions We Get Asked

How do you know if we're available for your event date?

Which Hawaiian Islands do we offer our services on?

Does it cost more to get married on a Weekend?

Can you marry at Sunset?

Do Sunset Weddings cost more?

What is considered a Sunset Ceremony? Will it be dark?

Can you get Married in the morning?

Can you see photos from events we have planned?

Should you rent a Car in Hawaii?

You're all booked but haven't heard from us for a while?

What is the best way to contact us?

Can you call us to talk to someone?

You want to be very involved with your Wedding Planning. Are we the best option for you?

About Us

Who are we?

Our name is Married with Aloha but what does "Aloha" mean?

How do you know we're a legitamte company?

Where can you read reviews about us?

Why we're not on paid advertising sites?

About Our Packages

Do you really just show up?

What do our Packages include?

How much do our Packages cost?

Do our Package include Transportation to and from the Ceremony location?

Are Flights, Accommodation, and Rental Cars Included in any Packages?

Do we recommend Hotels, Accomodation and Activities?

Do all our Packages include Live Music?

Do our Packages include Taxes and Fees?

Can you substitute items in our Packages?

How can you add more items or services to your Package?

Can you pick the vendors we use, like Florist or Hair and Makeup Artists etc?

Can you add your own services or vendors?

Can you have an Arch and Chairs?

How many guests can you invite?

Ceremony Location, Location, Location!

You want to secure your date but unsure of the exact location?

Can you see the Sunset from all Ceremony Locations?

Can we advise you of the best location?

You can't decide on which island to marry on?

Do we offer Ceremonies at any Waterfall Locations?

Do we offer Ceremonies at the Volcano on The Big Island

Do we offer Ceremonies on Mt. Haleakala?

Marriage License Information Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a Hawaii Marriage License

How do you apply for a Marriage License?

How do you obtain your actual Marriage License?

Who books the Marriage License Appointment?

Can you get your Marriage License at home?

Can you get a Marriage License Appointment at the Weekend?

Do you really need the license?

How much does a License cost and who pays?

Will your USA State recognize your Hawaii Wedding as legal?

We are not from the USA. Can we get a License to legally marry in Hawaii?

When will you recieve your Official Wedding Certificate?

What do you do if you need to change the License Appointment?

Why do you not need to schedule an appointment in Oahu?

What do you need if you are Divorced?

Officiants, Ministers, and Ceremonies

Are our Officiants Licensed in Hawaii?

Are our Officiants Non-Denominational?

Do we perform Non-Religious Ceremonies?

Can you choose your own Officiant?

Can you choose a Male or Female Officiant?

Can you add your own Vows?

Do you need a witness at your Cermeony?

Can you use our own Officiant, like a Family Friend?

Can you speak with or email your Officiant?

What is a Lei?

What is the Lei Exchange?

How long is the Ceremony?

What Ceremonies do we perform?

Do we perform LGBT Ceremonies?

Booking Information

Pre-Booking Checklist

What's the best way to Book with us?

When shoud you book?

Is there a Deposit Required to Book?

When is the Full Balance Due?

What is considered a Last Minute Event?

You paid a few days ago and haven't recieved a Confirmation Letter?

Your Big Day

Do we send you a Schedule, Timeline or Itinerary

Are you expected to tip for services on your Wedding Day?

Do you need to carry your beach permit with you on the day?

How do you get to your Ceremony Location?

How do most people get to their Ceremony Location?

How long is the whole event from start to fisnish?

How long is the Ceremony part?

Secluded Bride or Not?

Can your guests use Confetti?

Can you bring your own alcohol to the beach?

Why don't we serve alcohol?

Do you have a Wedding Rehersal?

What does the On-Site Coordinator do?

What does the Wedding Day Schedule look like?


What happens if it rains on your Wedding Day?

Have we ever cancelled an event due to weather?

Is it too hot to marry mid-day?

What is the best time of day to get married?

Is there a rainy season in Hawaii?


In-Room Hair & Makeup Information

Do you really need a Hair and Makeup Artist?

Is the In-Room Hair and Makeup really In-Room?

How long does In-Room Hair and Makeup take?

How will the Hair and Makeup Artists know the look you want?

How should your Hair be when they arrive?

Does the In-Room Hair and Makeup include a Trial?

Do you need to tip the Hair and Makeup Artist

Does the In-Room Hair and Makeup include a Trial?

Does the Hair and Makeup Artist place Hair Flowers?

Bouquet, Lei's & Floral Information

Can you choose your Florist?

Will you always get the Flowers you requested?

Can you design your own Bouquet?

Photography & Videography Information

Can you pick your own Photogrpaher and / or Videographer that's included in the package?

How long is the Photography / Videography for?

Can you add extra Photography / Videography Time?

Does our Photographer edit your images?

How many images does the Photogrpahy include?

Do you get the RAW, Unedited Photogrpahs

Are the videos on our website like the one you'll get?

How long is the finished, edited video?

Can you choose the music for your video?

Will you own the copyright to your Pictures and Video?

You don't want your Pictures and / or Video on our Website?


Terms and Conditions

Do you sign a Contract or Agreement?

What happens if you cancel your event?

Why we don't offer refunds

Can you Postpone or Reschedule your event?