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What a reaction! See how Stephanie reacted when Sassan Popped the Question! September 10, 2016 00:15

Sassan wanted to create a beautiful surprise for the love of his life, Stephanie. The couple were staying at the Aulani Disney Resort in Oahu and wanted a private and secluded beach for a proposal.

We settled on Papa'iloa Beach known for breathtaking views of Oahu's North Shore, it's beautiful golden sands and turquoise blue crashing waves.

Sassan opted for our Paparazzi Proposal Package so our Photographer was in a position to capture the following pictures!

Papa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, HawaiiPapa'iloa Beach aka Police Beach Paparazzi Proposal, Oahu, Hawaii

Photography by: Bret Thompsett

A Very Last Minute Proposal in Oahu with a Beautiful Butterfly Release September 3, 2016 21:08

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Joel contacted us and wanted us to plan and coordinate a beautiful proposal for the love of his life, Nikki. Our Paradise Proposal Package has everything he wanted with the addition of a Butterfly Release and Professional Videographer.

As Joel arrived with Nikki he made an excuse to visit the beach to meet the team and get mic'd up by our video guy. A few minutes later he went back to fetch Nikki.

As hurricane Madeline was departing Hawaii and Lester was approaching our team had to set the picnic up on a grassed area. The lighting was amazing as the sun shone bright between a few passing clouds.

Our Photographer captured these shots as the event unfolded.

Photography by: Bret Thompsett

A Very British Picnic Proposal in Oahu, Hawaii September 1, 2016 23:37

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Oliver was traveling from England, UK with his girlfriend Toni and thought it would be the ideal time to propose. Looking for a quiet and secluded location we decided that Kawela Bay would be the best option.

The beautiful half moon bay is perfect for a romantic picnic and it's not just us that think that, Hollywood has used the location many times for blockbuster TV shows and movies!

Oliver had spent a while deciding which package may work best for him. In the end he settled on our Paradise Proposal Package which includes our Paparazzi Photographer, a gorgeous picnic for two and our Live Guitarist!

While the rest of Hawaii was running around preparing for Hurricane Madeline our team was preparing an amazingly beautiful picnic for our couple.

As Oliver and Toni approached our Paparazzi Photographer ready and waiting to catch the moment she said yes!

Photography by: Bret Thompsett

A Hurricane Proposal! Tony Pops the Questions as Hawaii braces itself for Madeline & Lester September 1, 2016 01:10

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

There is such a thing as the perfect storm. At least for Patricia who must have thought Tony was going crazy taking her to the beach in the rain. The old saying come rain or shine comes to mind.

Tony had booked us for a last minute proposal while he was on vacation on the island of Maui with his girlfriend.

Tony was sure he wanted to go ahead with the Proposal regardless of the weather and impending hurricane warnings.

Armed with a few umbrella and some rain cover for our Paparazzi Photographer the proposal went off without a hitch. Patricia was clearly surprised!

Despite some rain (which we feel makes the pictures looks really amazing and tropical) everything went according to plan.

Pictures by: Dave Sweedler

A Last Minute Surprise Proposal in Waikiki August 27, 2016 23:17

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Michael decided that his vacation to Hawaii with his girlfriend, Miriam and their family would be the perfect time to pop the question.

Our Paradise Proposal was the package chosen and we took the challenge of creating a event that would impress his future fiancé! 

Michael wanted the Proposal to be easy and convenient and selected our location at Duke Kahanamoku for the big moment. He walked from his hotel onto the beach towards the picnic that was setup waiting for him and Miriam.

Without further a do, Michael dropped down to one knee and asked a very happy and excited Miriam to be his wife. She obviously said yes as Michael picked her up.

The pair were then joined by family members to enjoy the Sunset and Celebrations.

Photography By: Keani Bakula Photography

John pops the question to Nancy in Hawaii August 27, 2016 02:57

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

John contacted us because he wanted something special, something memorable to Propose to his girlfriend Nancy. We helped him create a Proposal to remember forever in Oahu, Hawaii!

John selected our  "The Paradise Proposal" Package which includes lots of amazing features including a Beautiful Picnic, Professional Photographer and Live Music.

John settled on a morning proposal at Waimanalo Beach and everything went exactly to plan. Nancy was clearly in shock as John got down on one knee, it's clear that she said "YES". 

We all want to wish John and Nancy and huge Congratulations and Aloha.

Enjoy some pictures below...

Photography By: Keani Bakula Photography

When a Photo Shoot turns into a Surprise Proposal August 24, 2016 21:37

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Kidane called us and wanted to create a magical and memorable event to propose to his girlfriend, Liana. After discussing a few options we settled on the "Photoshoot Decoy".

As Kidane would be traveling to Hawaii with his girlfriend and 3 children, the chances of him being able to pull her away for a surprise proposal were pretty slim, and possibly just convincing her to visit a random beach may be hard too.

The plan was to fake a photoshoot on the beach. Of course the Photographer was real and the shoot was to go ahead like any family photoshoot (for the first 15 minutes or so).

Everything went perfectly to plan and nobody but Kidane and our team knew anything out of the ordinary was about to happen. Right on cue our Guitarist strolled along the beach playing Liana's favorite song. At that point Kidane suggested the family pose for a picture with the "random" guitarist. As the family posed and smiled for the chance encounter Kidane dropped to one knee and popped the question.

The expression was very real and Liana was obviously speechless for a few seconds. After the emotions subsided she agreed to marry the man that had orchestrated the whole elaborate proposal.

A Last Minute Paparazzi Proposal in Oahu, Hawaii June 1, 2016 01:13

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Alan wanted to propose to his girlfriend Joanna whilst in Hawaii on Vacation. He contacted us a little over a week ago to see if we could help. As always we welcomed to challenge to help Alan achieve his dreams.

Alan selected our Paparazzi Proposal Package and Magic Island Lagoon in Oahu was chosen as the preferred location and although unusual rain had washed out the island for most of the day, the clouds parted and the sun shone as Alan popped the question.

After Joanna's shock and excitement had subsided our Photographer posed the couple up for a mini engagement shoot. What a beautiful couple and the pictures captured the moment and emotions perfectly!

It was a absolutely amazing event and Joanna was clearly very happy and now a soon to be Mrs. Congratulations to both of you, we all would love to wish you the very best for your future lives together.

Pictures by: Keani Bakula Photography

A Surprise Picnic & Paparazzi Proposal at Magic Island Lagoon, Oahu February 3, 2016 20:05

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Marc contacted us four days before he wanted to pop the question to his Girlfriend Grace, of course we agreed to make this happen for him on such short notice.

He selected our Picnic Proposal Package and then added on the Paparazzi Photographer for his event and we got to work planning!

Marc drove Grace to our most popular proposal location site in Oahu... Magic Island Lagoon.

After walking along the path towards the ocean the couple stumbled upon a beautifully presented and romantic Picnic.


Not giving Grace a second to anticipate what was happening Marc turned to her with a beautiful diamond ring and popped the question.

A totally overwhelmed Grace said YES before the couple were captured by our Paparazzi Photographer hugging and kissing.


Marc and Grace enjoyed the selection of foods and treats including fresh coconuts and local delights as the Sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

We supplied them with a polaroid camera to capture the moments they will cherish for ever!


Marc and Grace posed up for some pictures after our Paparazzi had given up his cover!


Photography by: Bret Thompsett

A New Years Eve Surprise Proposal in Oahu January 1, 2016 11:56

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

David from Seattle, WA contacted us with plans to propose to his girlfriend Sommer during a New Years Eve Party at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in the heart of Waikiki. He planned to "ring" in the New Year in more ways than one!

His plan was to pop the big question just 5 minutes before the clocks struck midnight and he selected our Paparazzi Proposal Package to capture the moment and also included a bottle of champagne, two lei's and a beautiful bouquet of 18 red roses!

We spent a while planning this event with David as it was a little different from our normal proposal environments, but we love new challenges... The event would be simple but well planned.

Our coordinator approached Sommer and David while at the party and asked if they wanted a Polaroid Photo taken, of course, thinking it's part of the hotel party they said "sure".

David had earlier that night met up with our team and taken a polaroid picture of him on one knee and then the question "Will you Marry Me?" written on the bottom. The picture that Sommer was given back was the one of David, not the one just taken.

Obviously surprised Sommer starred at the picture for a few seconds before realizing what was happening! She obviously said "YES" as David dropped to one knee. A few minutes later fireworks started lighting up the sky as 2016 rolled around.

Thank you Raquel! 

It was great working with you on the Paparazzi Proposal. Aimei and Bret were wonderful, and Sommer was very surprised and very happy! 

She still can't believe how everything was set up so perfectly to capture the proposal. I'm very happy I got in touch with you to help plan this. 

We're looking forward to seeing the photos!

Congratulations to Sommer and David... Everyone at Married with Aloha wishes you the best in your future lives together!

The Question... Sommer is given the polaroid picture of David on one knee and the words "Will you Marry Me?" written underneath.

It takes Sommer a second to realize what is going one, as David prepares to drop to one knee to ask her the question himself.

The Answer... David, on one knee asks a very shocked and excited Sommer... "Will you Marry Me!?"

David holds up a beautiful Diamond ring for Sommer to place on her finger...

The Ring... David then takes Sommer's left hand and places the ring on her finger. Sommer cannot contain her excitement as she is seen smiling at David and the ring!

Sommer then gives David a huge hug! Congratulations to you both... Please enjoy some more pictures below!

Pictures by: Bret Thompsett

Will You Marry Me? A Beautiful Sunset Proposal on Magic Island, Oahu December 9, 2015 19:57 4 Comments

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Asis contacted us a few months ago from Australia and wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Sonia while they were on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. He wanted both our Paparazzi and Picnic Proposal Packages combined along with our Guitarist for that romantic ambience.

The plan was simple. Asis would take Sonia on a walk along the Magic Island Beach Park pathway until they stumbled upon a romantic picnic setup for two. Not knowing it was for her, Asis then dropped to one knee and asked that all important question. "Will you Marry Me?" 

What girl could say no?! Sonia was clearly and emotional surprised and said YES!

Congratulations to both of you from all of us at Married with Aloha in Hawaii, we wish you the very best in your future lives together! Please enjoy the pictures below...

Right before the Proposal... Asis took his Girlfriend, Sonia for a Sunset walk on Magic Island in Waikiki. The pair sat on a bench and laughed and joked. Little did Sonia know that Asis was about to pop the question!

The Question... Asis then dropped to one knee, much to the shock and clearly visible excitement of Sonia and asks her "Will you Marry Me?"

The Answer... Sonia said YES without a moments hesitation. They then lei'd each other in Traditional Hawaiian Style!

The Pictures... Asis and Sonia posed for a mini engagement photo shoot before relaxing and enjoying their picnic and live music from our guitarist!

It's Officially ENGAGEMENT Season! Checkout our Proposal Packages!!! November 21, 2015 22:44

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Yes, that's right... It's officially Engagement Season! That means millions of people around the World are trying to figure out how to pop that all important question... "Will you marry me"

At Married with Aloha we have some really cool and romantic ways to get engaged. From our Surprise Paparazzi Engagement to our Picnic Proposal we can tailor any of our packages to create a truly unique and memorable event!

There are so many ways to propose and we also feel that simple, romantic and thoughtful wins every-time. 

Take a look at our Proposal Packages and see if anything will work for you. Remember, we can tailor any package to your needs and desires so please send us a message with your thoughts and ideas :)

A Romantic Surprise "Paparazzi Proposal" in Maui, Hawaii... She said "YES"!!! November 3, 2015 03:44

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Zoltan contacted us back in October because he had elaborate plans to propose to his then girlfriend Rella. He selected our Paparazzi Proposal Package and one of our favorite but rarely used locations, Ironwoods Beach on West Maui.  

After meticulous planning for the past few months the day finally arrived and Zoltan headed to the beach with Rella and the ring secretly hidden!

As they approached the beach our Paparazzi Photographer was laying in wait to capture the moment he popped the question... and when it arrived, what an amazing moment it was. Ella could not contain her excitement as she reached for the ring. 

After a few moments to relax and take in all the excitement Zoltan Lei'd his Fiancé with a Green Orchid Lei before enjoying a Toast to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After while listening to the guitarist playing the couples favorite hits. 

It was a beautiful event with lots of love and laughter. Congratulations from us all!

The Magic Happens on Magic Island, Oahu September 10, 2015 00:00

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Denis contacted us from Australia wanting to setup a romantic Surprise Picnic Proposal while on vacation in Hawaii with his fiancé Joanna.

Not having much time we sprung into action to create a beautiful, romantic and elegant picnic on Magic Island Lagoon in Oahu. 

Although they had just landed that morning from Australia, Denis met us to give us the ring which was then hidden in a sea shell at the picnic location. Joanna had no idea what was about to happen.

Denis & Joanna jumped into a cab from their room at The Modern Hotel as Joanna thought they were heading out to see Honolulu and Waikiki. Little did she know that she was being whisked off to her private picnic for two. 

Denis waited until Joanna had gotten over the excitement of having such an elaborate setting made just for her before he showed her the closed sea shell and asked her to open it. She said "Yes". 

As the sun dropped lower in the sky our Guitarist arrived to play an hour of love songs for the couple.

It was a beautiful evening and we would like to wish Joanna and Denis a huge Congratulations!

A Romantic Surprise Proposal Picnic in Oahu! August 2, 2015 23:54

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Over the years the majority of our events have been Weddings, so when we recently launched our "Surprise Proposal Packages" we were amazed with the amount of interest we received.

Our most recent event on the island of Oahu was one of our "Surprise Picnic Proposal" which in a nutshell is a beautiful, elaborate picnic on a golden sandy beach...

I mean C'mon! What girl isn't going to say "YES" after all this...

Michael has nothing to worry about. He arrived to the location, Magic Island in Honolulu via a Town Car which had picked the pair up from their nearby hotel.

After a short walk on the beach, right before sunset they arrived at the picnic location. Without further a do Michael dropped down on one knee and popped the all important question. "Will you Marry Me!!!!". 

Obviously Kim said "YES" and the couple sat down to enjoy there hamper full of delicious treats.

It was such a great experience to be a part of this and we wanted to wish both Michael and Kim a very huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!

A Maui Surprise "Paparazzi Proposal"... She Said YES! May 27, 2015 22:57

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Popping the question is always an exciting time, but having it all captured on camera by a professional Paparazzi Photographer means that every moment of the proposal is caught on camera! 

Dave from Australia choose our Paparazzi Proposal Package to pop the question to his partner in Maui, Hawaii. The time and date were set, we didn't have a chance to meet with him before the event so everything was planned via email and went perfectly!!!

The Maui sun was shinning over the blue skies and the ocean waves crashing on the shoreline. As planned Dave dropped to one knee and asked the all important question... Obviously she said YES!