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An Elegant Elopement at Makapu’u Beach, Oahu December 14, 2023 09:49

Amy and Dan's love story is a testament to the power of friendship and the beauty of reconnection. After being friends and acquaintances for many years, their paths diverged, causing them to lose touch for about two years. However, fate intervened when they reconnected through social media, reigniting their bond and setting the stage for a beautiful love story to unfold.

Wanting to catch up and rediscover their connection, Amy and Dan arranged to meet at a local park. As they reunited, their conversation flowed effortlessly, and the hours melted away as they lay in the grass, sharing stories and laughter. From that moment on, their hearts were intertwined, and they embarked on a journey together that continues to this day.

To celebrate twelve beautiful years together, Amy and Dan decided to elope at the breathtaking Makapu’u Beach on the island of Oahu. Their color theme embraced the timeless elegance of rose gold and pink, creating an atmosphere of romance and sophistication.

Amy chose to keep her bouquet a delightful surprise, adding an element of anticipation to their special day. She adorned herself in a stunning rose gold sequin gown that shimmered under the Hawaiian sun, embodying grace and beauty. Dan, equally stylish, donned a dashing grey dress shirt, black slacks, and matching grey loafers, perfectly complementing Amy's radiance.

After their elopement, Amy and Dan expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Married with Aloha, for planning their stress-free ceremony. Their letter exudes joy and contentment as they exclaimed, "Thank you so much! It was perfect! And so easy! We are enjoying Hawaii so much! You guys are the best!" This message serves as a testament to the seamless experience provided by our company Married with Aloha, relieving them of any planning stress so they could focus on cherishing every moment of their special day and honeymoon in Hawai’i.

Their story teaches us the importance of nurturing friendships, embracing the unexpected twists of fate.

If you are dreaming of an intimate and stress-free elopement or wedding in Hawaii, consider Married with Aloha as your partner in creating a magical experience. Our motto is to make your special day as effortless as possible, allowing you to simply just show up and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. 

Tess & Frank Elope on Maui June 9, 2023 13:55

Tess and Frank from the Netherlands had an unforgettable experience at Po’olenalena Beach as they eloped in a small ceremony on the sandy shores.

Tess looked stunning in a green 1920s-inspired wedding dress accompanied by beautiful orchids in her hair, while Frank wore a classic grey suit with a matching dark blue tie.

The couple was joined by Frank's brother who delivered a heartfelt speech during the ceremony.

The minister who officiated the wedding was Reverend Carrll Robilotta, and the couple's photography was skillfully captured by Maui Professional Photography. The entire event was perfectly planned and coordinated by Raquel.

Tess and Frank recited their personal vows to one another, sealing their commitment to each other under the bright sun and with the cool ocean breeze in the background.

As a symbol of their love, the couple exchanged leis during the ceremony. It was undoubtedly a momentous occasion that they will cherish forever.

Hannah and Henry Get Married in Hawaii May 29, 2023 09:28

Hannah and Henry had been dreaming of their wedding day for months, and now they were finally in Hawaii, standing on the sandy shores of Kukio Beach. It was a warm and sunny day, the perfect setting for their special day.
Raquel from Married with Aloha had planned everything, down to the very last detail. The yellow plumeria leis she had ordered for the couple were just perfect, and the beach looked immaculate. Rev. Margarita stood waiting for them, ready to officiate their wedding ceremony.
As Hannah walked down the aisle, she couldn't help but smile at the sight of her future husband waiting for her. Henry looked dashing in his beige vest and linen pants, and the way he was looking at her made her feel so loved. They had met on an online dating app and their love for hiking and gaming had brought them closer together. Now, they were about to start a new journey together in life.
The ceremony was beautiful, and as they exchanged vows, as their friends and family watched in awe. When they were pronounced husband and wife, they shared their first kiss as a married couple, as the waves crashed against the shore.
Malle Zablan had been there to capture every moment on camera, and the pictures would serve as a cherished memory of their special day.
Hannah and Henry embraced each other on the Hawaiian beach, holding onto each other tightly. They knew that no matter what life would throw at them, they would face it together, with love and commitment as their guide.
Their Hawaiian elopement had been everything they could have dreamed of, and they would always remember the warmth of the sun on their faces, the feel of the sand between their toes, and the beauty of the plumeria leis around their necks.

Kristen & Dan say "I Do" at Tunnels Beach, Kauai October 20, 2021 17:00

Kauai Wedding Hawaii, Tunnels Beach

💕 Kristen & Dan said "I Do" at Tunnels Beach in Kauai - The coupled traveled to Kauai for an October Elopement and the weather was perfect for a Beach Wedding in Hawaii. The light covering of cloud acted and slight ocean breeze made for a very memorable event.

They selected our Everlasting Moments Wedding Package and then added In-Room Hair & Makeup, Brides Nosegay Bouquet, Scattered Rose Petals, Live Music and our Professional Video.

We wish Kristen & Dan the very warmest Aloha for their future lives together!

Kauai Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding at Tunnels Beach, Kauai
Get Married in Kauai, HawaiiKauai Beach Weddings, Ocean, Sand, MountainsGet Married in Hawaii with Friends and Family
Bride & Groom Toast on a Beach in Kauai, Hawaii
Hawaii Beach Weddings in Kauai
Just Married, Jeep, Hawaii, Wedding
Photography by: Keri Cooper

Nicole & Tim tie the knot at Paradise Cove Beach in Oahu, Hawaii September 30, 2021 11:30

Wedding at Paradise Cove Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

The afternoon Sun was shining, the ocean breeze rolling in off the white capped waves. It was just perfect for a beach Wedding in Hawaii!

Nicole & Tim selected our Paradise Cove Beach location for their Wedding on Oahu. In true celebration, as our Officiant said "I Do" Nicole and Tim sprayed their toast towards the Photographer, which made for some great pictures. The couple opted for our Just The Two Of Us Package and had a few close friends with them to celebrate their marriage.

Have fun on your new journey together 💕

Oahu Beach Wedding in Hawaii. Paradise Cove.

Bride, Groom, Beach, Hawaii, Oahu, Wedding, Bouquet, Sand, Ocean, Rocks

Hawaii Wedding, Beach, Bride, Groom, Ocean, Palm Trees, Happy, Fun, Love

Photography by: Walker Johnson

Jenn & Dave Elope on The Big Island June 12, 2019 23:17

The Big Island of Hawaii is known for its live volcano and huge size compared to the other Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island is also known for its romance. Its romantic atmosphere is the perfect place to declare your love to one another, which is why couples travel to this love island year around to elope! 

Jenn & Dave decided to tie the knot at Waialea Bay on The Big Island of Hawaii. The Couple stayed at the beautiful Westin Hapuna Beach Resort which is only a shy few minutes away from their ceremony location. 

 It was a lovely day and perfect for a beach wedding. The sky was crystal clear, and there was a light fragrant breeze in the air. The Bride and Groom had the whole Bay to themselves. Jenn wore a colorful and tropical inspired Haku Head Lei that matched with her Bridal Bouquet, and they both wore white dendrobium orchid leis from their Hawaiian Lei exchange. 

Both, Jenn and Dave were all smiles during their ceremony as they gazed at each other with such warmth. As the sun began to set, it shimmered on the swell rolling in on the shoreline. its brilliant golden rays created a magical backdrop for the couples first walk as husband and wife. 

A Gorgeous Sunset Elopement in Maui, Hawaii June 10, 2019 23:42

Sunsets are by far the most popular time to tie the knot in Hawaii - It's not hard to see why. With a little cloud in the sky, the Sunsets are always so impressive!



Chiara & Michele visited Maui all the way from Europe, Italy! They decided to get married at our popular, Oneloa Bay location. Located on West Maui, Oneloa Bay is a beautiful beach with a dramatic seascape backdrop. This location is one of our most popular West Maui Locations.

Our "I Do For Two" Elopement Package was selected by the couple which includes our In-Room Hair and Makeup, Bridal Bouquet, Groom Boutonniere, Scattered Rose Petals along with many other items and services to make your day one to remember for a lifetime!


Amy & Scott Trash the Dress on Maui June 9, 2019 22:42

Amy & Scott got married on Oahu with us and decided to extend the wedding festivities by hiring our photographer to shoot a special photo session of the couple, we call "Trash the Dress".


Amy and Scott had a blast laughing and playing in Maui's beautiful waters kicking off a memorable start to their Honeymoon. Mahalo from all of us at Married with Aloha! 



Amy & Scott's Intimate Oahu Elopement June 8, 2019 13:11

Amy and Scott contacted us to plan their Elopement while visiting Oahu and also to set up a Trash the Dress Photoshoot while visiting the island of Maui while adventuring the Hawaiian Islands.

The wedding date was set for March 10th, 2019 and the planning began.  The couple chose one of our most secluded beach locations on the Island of Oahu, Kawela Bay. On the big day, they arrived at their hidden gem on the North Shore. Amy was dressed in a beautiful white fitted Wedding gown and Scott wore a beach Wedding classic, white dress shirt, and khaki slacks.

Amy had her Hair and Makeup styled to perfection by our team at her hotel in Waikiki. Amy's hair was pinned up with a beautiful cymbidium orchid and roses matching her bouquet and a delicate jewel hairpiece was tied into the style.

Their Officiant greeted both of them in Hawaiian Spirit and with a blow of the conch the wedding started. The couple recited their own Wedding Vows that they brought in cute booklets.

After the ceremony was finished the couple had their first walk as husband and wife down the beach where they found themselves in a beautiful tropical jungle covered in Hawaii's native tropical foliage and flowers.

Trash the Dress Shoot on the island of Maui to be continued...

Elopement on Oahu

Rebecca & Ken Elope at Maui's Magnificent Maluaka Beach! June 4, 2019 15:43

With a myriad of sandy beaches along Maui's south shore, Ken & Rebecca from Calgary, Canada chose Maluaka Beach in Makena to start their new life together as Husband & Wife.

After surfing the internet for wedding coordinators, Rebecca was pleased that Married With Aloha offered everything she was looking for in a beach wedding (...and at a great price!), including In-Room Hair & Make-up services, an On-Site Coordinator, and a Cider Toast!

Rebecca was pleased with her bridal bouquet and was all smiles as her coordinator placed a few flowers in her hair. With a blow of the conch shell by the minister, the bride followed the path of rose petals to her awaiting groom. After exchanging Fresh Flower Leis, the couple recited their own vows to one another, all the while their photographer clicked away as their coordinator captured some moments with a Polaroid. 

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds toasted one another and enjoyed a stroll along the shoreline, basking in the magic of Maui's picture-perfect beaches.

The team at Married With Aloha wishes Rebecca & Ken a lifetime of happiness!

Photographed by: Peter Swanzy  /  Blog by: Carrll Robilotta

Jessica & Michael's Big Island Wedding with some Unexpected Guests! June 1, 2019 23:51

We had the pleasure of planning and coordinating everything for Jessica and Michael who traveled from Oregon, along with a small number of Family and Friends to Hawaii's Big Island to say "I do".

Big Island Wedding

Kukio Beach is located on The Big Islands Kohala Coast, just North of the town of Kailua-Kona. It's a beautiful sandy beach location that offers Sunsets year round, along with the chance to see a Hawaii Green Sea Turtle.

Jessica and Michael chose this location for their Hawaii Wedding. They selected our Just The Two Of Us Elopement Package and added the option for extra guests. They also decided that they couldn't say "I Do" on the beach without one of our delicious and beautiful Wedding Cake!

Rev. Patrick began the ceremony as the Sun was slowly descending towards the waterline. It made for some magical memories and great pictures captured by our Photographer!

Bride on the Beach. Big Island HawaiiHawaii Wedding Cake

Did we mention Green Sea Turtles?

Jessica and Michael got the surprise of their lives when a few unexpected guests showed up!

Green Sea Turtles Hawaii

Connie & John Elope on Oahu's Windward Coast! May 8, 2019 23:18

Magnificent Waimanalo Beach on Oahu's windward coast has long been the subject of Hawaiian songs and a place where lovers rendezvous. Waimanalo's allure is irresistible and the location Connie & John chose for their recent elopement.


The bride's day began with an In-Room Hair & Makeup session by one of Married With Aloha's beauty professionals. Just a short while later, Connie was ready for her Big Day! 

The morning was picture-perfect with balmy trades and cotton clouds dotting the tropical sky. The onsite coordinator and minister greeted the couple with warm aloha. As is tradition with Hawaiian weddings, the bride and groom exchanged fresh flower leis and then repeated their vows to one another. John was teary-eyed as the couple exchanged rings.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds toasted one another with sparkling cider and enjoyed a relaxed photo session with their photographer, Brett. With the powdery white sand tickling their toes, eliciting smiles from the newlyweds was not a difficult task and the resulting images will provide the couple with a lifetime of happy memories.

The breath-taking scenery of Waimanalo prompted the couple to say they'd be back again for a vow renewal ceremony. Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes Connie & John a wonderful life together!


Photography by: Bret Thompsett  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Lynette & Nathaniel Exchange Vows Among Family & Friends In Maui! March 25, 2019 21:00

Situated on Maui's sunny south shore, Po'olenalena Beach is a mile-long stretch of golden sand and the spot Lynette & Nathaniel chose to tie-the-knot earlier this year. Surrounded by family and some of their closest friends, the couple exchanged vows just a few feet from the shoreline as one of Maui's amazing sunsets enveloped them in an array of colors and textures. 


The bride looked stunning, her bouquet & matching haku lei adorning her head completing her look. Lynette was all smiles as her dad escorted her down the sandy aisle, preceded by their adorable flower girl.

With a blow of the pu [conch shell], the minister began their ceremony as the guitarist played soft Hawaiian music in the background. After exchanging fresh flower leis and wedding bands, the couple recited their own vows to one another before being pronounced 'Husband & Wife'.

After signing their marriage license, the newlyweds toasted each other with sparkling cider and enjoyed a portrait session with their guests, followed by lots of candids of just the two of them. All the while, their on-site coordinator captured some great Polaroid snap-shots of the guests.

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes Lynette & Nathaniel a wonderful life together and we hope to see them back on Maui again for a five-year anniversary vow renewal!


Photography by: Peter Swanzy  ~  Blog by: Carrll Robilotta

Australia to Hawaii for a Maui Beach Wedding October 8, 2018 21:59

The Married With Aloha team recently had the pleasure of planning Nicholas & Kayla's Maui wedding. This lovely couple from Australia opted for a morning wedding at the postcard-perfect Makena Cove on the sunny south shore of the Island.

While the bride enjoyed the convenience of In-Room Hair & Makeup, the groom opted for an early morning surf among the Green Sea Turtles. 

Greeted with warm Aloha by Hoku, their on-site coordinator, the couple was pleased to discover that they had the beach all to themselves! The bride was resplendent wedding dress with sea-shell like embellishments. A bouquet of white roses completed her look.

With a blow of the conch shell and a Hawai'ian chant, Kayla & Nicholas went on to exchange fresh flower leis, wedding rings, and their own personal vows. Kayla giggled as the golden sand beneath her feet tickled her toes while a tiny hermit crab scurried off towards the shoreline.

Apres ceremony, the newlyweds toasted one another with sparkling cider and enjoyed a slice of their delicious wedding cake as their photographer clicked away, capturing images which the couple will no doubt cherish over the years.

Nicholas literally swept his bride up off her feet and whisked her off towards the shoreline to dip their toes in the blue Pacific.

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes the couple a wonderful life together and we hope to see them back again in a few years for a vow renewal ceremony:)

Photography by: Peter Swanzy  /  Blog by: Carrll Robilotta

Amanda & Kurt Say 'I Do' At Maui's Picturesque Ironwoods Beach February 15, 2018 19:46

After popping the question last spring, Kurt surprised his fiancee with plans of tying the knot in Maui! After contacting Married With Aloha, Kurt felt confident they'd handle all the little details associated with planning a wedding from thousands of miles away.

The couple was all smiles on their wedding day and both the bride and groom looked impeccable. Amanda enjoyed the convenience of In-Room Hair & Make-Up Services included in their package.

As their photographer did some pre-ceremony portraits of the bride, the groom was busy capturing candids of his own for their social media accounts. A few flower petals placed artfully-placed by the on-site coordinator and the couple walked towards the shoreline hand-in-hand, ready to be 'Maui'd'!

Ironwoods Beach in the Kapalua resort area made for the perfect setting and sound of the crashing surf provided the background 'music' as Kurt & Amanda exchanged vows and fresh flower leis.

Following the ceremony, the couple's attending family toasted the couple with one of Maui's amazing sunsets making for an amazing back-drop.

The newlyweds vowed to return to the very same spot in five years to celebrate their anniversary. Congratulations, Amanda & Kurt, from everyone at Married With Aloha! We'll be right here waiting for you in five years:)

Photography by: Peter Swanzy  /  Blog by: Carrll Robilotta

Rosa & Kelvin - A Last Minute Sunset Elopement on The Big Island! December 19, 2017 13:00

Rosa & Kelvin from Oahu, Hawaii were such a sweet couple who clearly wanted a romantic Elopement away from home, and we were honored to be able to assist them with their very last-minute Elopement on The Big Island.

They selected our popular Kukio Beach Location and a Sunset Event and chose our Everlasting Moments Package and added Professional Videography.

We are honored to book couples for events from all over the World, so it's always so lovely to be able to plan an event for a couple from Hawaii. As a gesture of Aloha, we added in a Wedding Cake and Rose Petal Flower Shower for them.

Rosa & Kelvin contacted us late one evening via our online Live Chat feature looking to book a romantic Elopement away from their home of Oahu for her and Kelvin in just 20 days time. With Wedding season in full swing and many events approaching, we immediately had to start planning for their big day and get our Team, Permits, and Event Schedule together. 

Travelling from Oahu, The Big Island is a short flight, but a World away, famous for its live volcano and lava flows it has a lot to see and explore.

The big day came and went forth without a hitch, everything on schedule, and we have to say that Rosa looked stunning as she walked towards Kelvin who was waiting on the beach for his Bride.

The Sun was slowly setting as the couple said their Vows, Rosa couldn't help but tear up with the emotions of the moment. A sign of true love.

We want to take this opportunity to wish Rosa and Kelvin the very best in their future lives together. Mahalo for allowing us to be part of your big day and being such a pleasure to work with.

Please see the video below and scroll below to see the beautiful pictures our Photographer Keahu captured.

* Please note, Head Lei, Bouquet or Boutonniere were not provided by us.

Rosa & Kelvin, Big Island WeddingRosa & Kelvin, Big Island

A Perfect Arch & Chairs Wedding in Oahu, Hawaii December 14, 2017 03:18

Fiona and Michael from Australia contacted us a few months before traveling to Hawaii with the plan of getting married while on vacation. They wanted a simple but elegant ceremony for themselves and close family and friends that would also be travelling with them.

Our Waimanalo Bay Location on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu was the chosen location and our "Arch and Chairs" Wedding Package offered everything Fiona and Michael could dream of.

It was a beautiful day for a midday Wedding at the Sherwood Beach at Waimanalo Bay. Due to the direction of the Sun, we always advise an earlier start time at this location, usually around 2-3 PM depending on the time of year. The early afternoon Sun lights up the turquoise waters.

Fiona looked stunning as she arrived at the beach where our Arch and Chairs were set up with our white sashes and matching pastel color swag. Michael, stood waiting patiently as the final preparations were made and Fiona made her way along the Rose Petal Aisle with her father.

Pastor Mark began the Ceremony framed below the Arch and the blue waters behing. With a gentle trade breeze blowing Fiona and Michael said "I Do".

Arch & Chairs

Written by: Will Binns / Pictures by: Bret Thompsett

Elopement & Trash The Dress on Kauai's North Shore December 8, 2017 14:28

Patil and Rafie contacted us a few months prior to their planned Wedding Day with a vision of eloping in Kauai with a lush Tropical Mountain Backdrop, Golden Sands, and the Pacific Ocean.

Patil & Rafie settled on our Tunnels Beach Location, which is situated along Kauai's North Shore. It's actually become our most popular Kauai location over the years due to it offering everything our couples could want. November on Hawaii's North Shore also marks the start of the winter swells and that provided Patil & Rafie a dramatic background that they dreamed of for the Wedding.

Our  "Just The Two Of Us" Elopement Package was everything they required and also decided to add our Trash the Dress Photoshoot for the following day. This Package comes with Hair and Makeup, which means our team Hair and Makeup artist Lindsey, went to the Bride's room and enhanced her beauty with all the best products needed for a destination wedding in Hawaii.

Our Photographer Harneet was awaiting the couple's arrival at the ceremony location to capture the couples intimate Elopement. They arrived at their wedding location and were greeted by Shoko our onsite coordinator and then guided to the beach to meet their Minister. 

Patil was wedding ready and looked ultra-chic in her sleeveless, floral applique, floor-length; tulle dress and Rafie's style set the mood for the relaxed beach vibe with his light khaki pants and turquoise aloha button up shirt. 

The couple exchanged their vows at sunset and the rest was of the evening was pure bliss. The following day Patil and Rafie met up with our Photographer to shoot the second part of their extended wedding with a Trash The Dress Photoshoot. What he captured that day was pure magic, the couple splashed with joy and danced with the waves.

Congratulations from all of us at Married with Aloha. 

Amanda & Patrick: Beautiful North Shore Wedding in Oahu, Hawaii December 2, 2017 23:04

Amanda & Patrick who live in Oahu, Hawaii decided to elope on the North Shore of the island. Our Papa'iloa Beach Location was chosen for a Sunset Ceremony.

Amanda selected our "Just The Two Of Us" Elopement Package so she was able to enjoy being pampered by our In-Room Hair and Makeup Artist.

With a few clouds in the sky, the waves crashing against the North Shores golden sands the Wedding started about one hour before Sunset. This is the most popular start time for our Sunset Weddings.

Congratulations to you both!

Pictures by: Bret Thompsett

Carey & Eric - Love on the Big Island! November 21, 2017 13:10

Carey & Eric traveled from Pennsylvania to say "I Do" on the beautiful Kukio Beach during a Sunset Ceremony. They selected our "Just The Two Of Us" Elopement Package and we have to say that they were an absolute pleasure to work with.

The ceremony started about 1 hour before Sunset, and although the sky was partially covered by cloud it gave great diffused lighting for the Photography and added Professional Videography.

Eric waited on the beach with Rev. Patrick as Carey made the final preparations and our On-Site Coordinator placed her Hair Flowers before she walked the sandy aisle.

As is often the case with our Kukio Beach location, Carey and Eric were joined by some uninvited guests, not that they were complaining as these Wedding crashers came in the form of the famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

As the Sun slowly set, the couple enjoyed a Cider Toast along with a slice of cake! 

All of us at Married with Aloha would like to take a moment to wish Carey and Eric the very best in their future lives together!

Kauai: A Beautiful Sunset Elopement at Tunnels Beach November 9, 2017 23:39

Irnes and Till traveled from Switzerland to Hawaii to get married on Kauai's North Shore. They settled on a Sunset Ceremony at Tunnels Beach and a hotel nearby.

They selected our popular Just The Two Of Us Elopement Package and added Professional Videography to their package. The event was timed perfectly as the Sun set over the ocean and our Photographer captured the moments perfectly!

The Ceremony was announced by the traditional blowing of the conch shell by our Officiant. It's always an impressive sound!

Tunnels Beach on Kauai's North Shore offers almost everything you could dream of for a Hawaii Wedding Beach Location. Deep golden sands overlooked by impressive and surreal lush green mountains. It does make for a romantic and tranquil place.

Dominique & Sean Elope on Oahu's Majestic North Shore! October 25, 2017 16:41

Dominique's fairy-tale wedding in beautiful Hawai'i involved a bit of covert planning... Including blindfolding her husband-to-be!


With the help of Married With Aloha's expert wedding planners, this New York couple's wedding was everything the bride dreamed it would be, as she and her fiance Sean tied the knot at majestic Kawela Bay on the North Shore of O'ahu.

After her In-room Hair & Makeup appointment, Dominique whisked the blindfolded groom off to the location she'd pictured in her dreams.

The couple was greeted with warm aloha by Aimei, their on-site coordinator, and the groom was finally allowed to remove his blindfold to behold his glowing bride and the grandeur of the location. Reverend Mark's ceremony was beautiful in the warm glow of the late afternoon sun. Sean was moved to tears by his bride's vows and Dominique's expressions, as captured by photographer Bret, show the bride was equally overcome by her husband's vows.

Following the ceremony, the happy couple enjoyed a Sparkling Cider Toast beneath the canopy of trees as the North Shore's legendary winter waves crashed on the offshore reef. Bret captured the joy of this couple's Big Day as well as the exceptional beauty of the setting they chose for their ceremony. 

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes Dominique & Sean a wonderful life together!


Written by: Carrll Robilotta  /  Photography by: Bret Thompsett

Danielle & Matthew Tie The Knot on Maui! September 2, 2017 01:02

Danielle & Matthew had planned on getting hitched in their hometown of Newport Beach, but then saw their friend's wedding images from Maui and the decision was made for a Hawaiian wedding!


With a myriad of lovely beaches to choose from in Maui, the couple liked the idea of an ocean-front lawn for their ceremony setting. The bride was radiant in her lace gown while the groom was very dapper in a tailored navy blue suit.

Following some pre-ceremony portraits of the bride with her bridesmaids, it was time for Danielle & Matthew to tie-the-knot. Their ceremony began with a blow of the conch shell, a wedding tradition here in the Islands. The couple exchanged fresh flower leis, followed by the ring exchange. Danielle & Matthew wrote beautiful vows to one another, bringing forth some tears from the bridesmaids. 

The lighting that afternoon was beautiful, with the sun creating a halo effect on the clouds floating over the West Maui Mountains. After being pronounced 'Husband & Wife', the family & friends in attendance congratulated the newlyweds and toasted them with sparkling cider.

Danielle & Matthew enjoyed their first dance as Husband & Wife as the guitarist played some of their favorite songs.

The Married With Aloha team wishes the couple a wonderful life together!


Photographed by: Peter Swanzy / Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Rose & Joshua Elope on Maui's Secret Beach! August 29, 2017 19:10

Referred to as 'Secret Beach', Makena Cove on Maui's sunny southern coast is a gem among the numerous beaches the Valley Isle has to offer and is one of the most popular with wedding couples. Travelling all the way from West Virginia, Rose & Joshua decided that Maui's Secret Beach was the spot they'd exchange marriage vows.            


Their Big Day began with an In-Room Hair & Makeup appointment for the bride while the groom enjoyed a little pool time at their ocean-front resort.

Married With Aloha's onsite coordinator, Marla, greeted the couple with warm Aloha and with a blow of the conch shell, their minister led the happy couple through their ceremony. Following the exchange of fresh flower Leis, Joshua shed a tear as he and his bride read their own personal vows to one another.

After being pronounced 'Husband' & 'Wife', the newlyweds toasted one another with a Cider Toast and enjoyed a portrait session with their photographer. The sunset they enjoyed that evening was stunning and one they'll be able to enjoy again & again in the wonderful images captured by Peter as well as in the Polaroid Moments captured by Marla.

The Married With Aloha 'ohana wishes Joshua & Rose a wonderful life together!


Photography by: Peter Swanzy / Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Katherine & Michael say "I Do" at Makena Cove in Maui August 14, 2017 00:01

Katherine and Michael were planning a trip to the beautiful island of Maui with their daughter and decided to get married at Makena Cove.

Katherine and Michael selected our Just The Two Of Us Package and added a Butterfly Release for their daughter to enjoy and really feel part of the day. It was a beautiful afternoon on Maui's South Shore. The event began with the blowing of the Conch Shell by Rev. Carrll.

As the Sun slowly started to set, Katherine and Michael exchanged vows and then released Butterflies with their daughter.

A Very Romantic Sunset Elopement on Kauai's North Shore August 13, 2017 00:37

Amber & Ryon traveled from Washington State to get married on Kauai's North Shore. They selected our most popular location, Tunnels Beach and it's not hard to see why!

Tunnels Beach is located on Kauai's North Shore and often offers a quiet beach along with a fantastic Sunset, along with surreal mountains towering over the golden sand beach.

Amber & Ryon selected this location for their Sunset Elopement. The Wedding Ceremony started about an hour before Sunset as our Officiant Rev. Wes prompted the couple in their exchange of Vows and Leis.

It was a really beautiful evening, the calm ocean waves playing the music of the ocean as Amber & Ryon enjoyed the first moments of their new lives together.

London to Hawaii - A Stunning Morning Wedding in Maui August 12, 2017 11:39

There is something very special about a morning wedding in Hawaii. Everything is still warming up for the day, the ocean is calm after the long gentle evening and the shady sand is still cold on the toes. It was to be the perfect time for Darshika and Sandeep to exchange their Vows.

Flying in from London, England and never having been to Hawaii before Darshika didn't know what to expect of where to start. Then she contacted us. Once learning of their plans in Hawaii and what they wanted for their big day they decided on our South Maui at Makena Cove. 

Since the ceremony was due to start at 9:30 am, Darshika was in for an early morning to allow time for our In-Room Hair and Makeup. However, still being on UK time this wasn't a problem and everything went better than expected. The couple arrived on time to the sound of Rev. Carrll blowing of the Conch Shell. 

The ceremony was beautiful and our Photographer really captured the fun and love between them! 

Tamiris & Landon Tie the Knot in Magnificent Maui! May 10, 2017 20:49

With a plethora of beautiful beaches the Island of Maui has to offer, White Rock Beach in Wailea was the location Tamiris & Landon chose to tie the knot in February. 


Following an In-Room Hair & Makeup appointment, Tamiris looked radiant in her bridal gown and haku lei and was very much ready to say 'I do'. Landon looked very dapper in a tailored linen suit and couldn't wait to marry the love of his life and best friend.

With a blow of the conch shell, their minister led the couple through their ceremony as gentle waves lapped the shoreline. The couple exchanged fresh flower leis and wedding bands. The vows they wrote to one another were beautiful and heart-felt, moving them both to tears. 

Following their ceremony, the newlyweds toasted each other with sparkling cider as the sun began to set beyond the horizon. 

Their on-site coordinator, Marla, provided the couple with lots of great Polaroid Moments while photographer Naomi captured the joy of Tamiris & Landon's Maui wedding. 

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes the couple a long & happy life together!


Photographed by: Naomi Sheikin  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Cristina & Mark Elope at Maui's Picturesque Makena Cove May 5, 2017 20:40

Picture-perfect Makena Cove (also known as 'Secret Beach') on Maui's sunny south shore has an allure that many couples seek for their destination wedding. 


The bride was all smiles as she walked across the powdery white sand beach toward her awaiting groom. After a blowing of the conch shell and Hawaiian chant, their minister led the couple through their marriage vows and lei exchange.

Though the couple hadn't written vows to one another, after exchanging rings, they took the opportunity to let each other know just how much they cherished one another. Certainly, those would be the words they would look back on from their Big Day, providing them with the most vivid memories.

Their photographer, Naomi, captured some beautiful images of Cristina & Mark as, just offshore, a pair of Hawaii's Green Sea turtles frolicked near the reef.

With another blow of the conch shell, the couple was pronounced 'Husband & Wife' and toasted one another with sparkling cider as the late afternoon sun began to dip beyond the horizon.

Cristina & Mark's wedding was a simple affair and it was exactly what they both wanted. The couple vowed to return to the very same spot for their five year anniversary and vow renewal and the Married With Aloha team said they'd be right there awaiting them!


Written by: Carrll Robilotta  /  Photographed by: Naomi Sheikin

Hannah & Jon Elope on Oahu's Magnificent Sunset Beach! May 1, 2017 11:37

Oahu's world-famous North Shore features a long stretch of golden sand beaches known as the 'Seven Mile Miracle'.

Sunset Beach is considered the crown jewel of this seven-mile stretch and is popular with big-wave surfers during the winter months. Sunset Beach is also very appealing to couples seeking a majestic beach location to tie-the-knot and it's the location that Hannah & Jon chose for their nuptials.


Married With Aloha's Aimei greeted the couple with warm aloha. Radiant in her wedding gown, the bride was all smiles as she walked towards her soon-to-be husband. The late afternoon sun bathed the couple in a warm, diffused light as Reverend Mark led Hannah & Jon through a beautiful ceremony which included a traditional Hawaiian lei exchange and exchange of wedding rings.

After being pronounced 'Husband & Wife' the newlyweds toasted one another with sparkling cider and basked in the moments captured by their photographer.

Jon vowed to bring his bride back to the same spot to celebrate their ten year anniversary and Hannah happily agreed. Everyone at Married with Aloha wishes the couple a wonderful life together!


Photographed by: Bret Thompsett  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Kathleen & Mario's Blue Hawaii Elopement at Maui's Makena Cove March 29, 2017 20:42

Referred to as 'Secret Beach' by Maui locals, Makena Cove is certainly one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Hawai'i, and the spot Kathleen and Mario chose for their elopement.


Married With Aloha's attention to detail included an In-Room Hair & Makeup appointment for the bride and the exact combination of tropical flowers she requested for her bridal bouquet.

The couple liked the idea of a morning wedding as they were likely to have the beach all to themselves...and they did! Their on-site coordinator, Marla, had a beautifully decorated cake table set up when the couple arrived.

With the faint sound of Maui's trade winds rustling the palm fronds and gentle waves lapping the shore, Reverend Diana blew the conch shell and led the couple through a beautiful ceremony, including a traditional Hawaiian lei exchange by the bride & groom. 

After being pronounced 'husband & wife', Kathleen & Mario enjoyed a sparkling cider toast while watching a pair of Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles frolic just a few feet from shore.

The bride marveled at the beauty of the location and her joy was captured for posterity in the post-ceremony portrait session with Naomi. The newlyweds also enjoyed the instant gratification of Polaroid moments captured by Marla.

The Married With Aloha team wishes the couple a life-time of happiness!


 Photographed by: Naomi Sheikin  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta


Elizabeth & Anders Elope in Magical Maui! March 28, 2017 22:32

Elizabeth & Anders considered a big wedding in their home town but then came across images of weddings in Maui on the internet and their decision was made!


Within hours of contacting Married with Aloha, the couple had all of their wedding day arrangements made, including an In-Room Hair & Makeup appointment for the bride as well as dinner reservations at one of the Island's many romantic restaurants.

For their ceremony site, Elizabeth & Anders decided on White Rock Beach in Wailea, just a stone's throw from their resort. Marla, the on-site coordinator, greeted the couple with warm Aloha and ushered the groom towards the picturesque south end of the beach where their minister awaited. The blow of a conch shell queued the bride to begin her walk across flower petals scattered along the sand towards her soon-to-be husband. 

With the late afternoon sun casting a warm glow on the bride & groom, they exchanged their vows and fresh flower leis while photographer Naomi captured lots of beautiful images. Meanwhile, Marla snapped away with a Polaroid camera. Anders literally swept his bride off her feet when they were pronounced 'husband & wife' by their minister and they shared their first kiss as a married couple.

The newlyweds enjoyed a sparkling cider toast while watching whales breach in celebration just a few hundred yards offshore. Anders vowed to bring his bride back to the same spot for a five year vow renewal and Elizabeth beamed in agreement.

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes the couple a long & happy life together!


 Photographed by: Naomi Sheikin  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Jennifer & William's Big Day on Oahu's Beautiful Kawela Bay February 20, 2017 16:38

Situated on the magnificent North Shore of O'ahu, beautiful Kawela Bay is a postcard-perfect location for weddings and the spot Jennifer & William chose to exchange their vows.


Following her In-Room Hair & Makeup session, Jennifer was all smiles as she made her entrance through Kawela Bay's cathedral of trees and onto the beach where William anxiously awaited. 

With the beach all to themselves, Reverend Mark led the couple through a beautiful ceremony while Married With Aloha's on-site coordinator, Aimei, captured lots of Polaroid Moments alongside their official photographer. The bride loved the fragrance of her fresh flower lei! 

Following their ceremony, the newlyweds toasted one another with sparkling cider and then enjoyed a post-ceremony portrait session with Bret in the amazing tropical forest adjacent to the beach. The canopy of trees naturally diffused the mid-afternoon sunlight, providing the couple with wonderful images they will long cherish.

The Married With Aloha team wishes Jennifer & William a wonderful life together!


Photographed by: Bret Thompsett  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta


Lori & Jason Tie-the-Knot at Picturesque Pauoa Bay on the Big Island! February 14, 2017 14:28

Flanked on both ends by lava rock formations, the picturesque crescent of white sand beach at Pauoa Bay's Coconut Grove on the Big Island of Hawai'i is a fantastic site for weddings and the spot Lori & Jason chose for their Big Day. 


The bride enjoyed an In-Room Hair & Makeup session with Mary and looked very natural yet stunning in a champagne colored dress, while the groom looked very beach-chic in a crisp white shirt and linen trousers.

Standing barefoot amongst scattered rose petals and surrounded by their families and closest friends, Reverend Patrick led the couple through a beautiful ceremony which featured a lei exchange by the bride & groom as well as a Koa Wood & Ti-Leaf Ring Ceremony which has deep cultural significance in Hawaii. Lori & Jason also honored their guests by presenting them each with a fresh flower lei. 

With ukulele player Ponchoman strumming some Hawaiian melodies, the newlyweds enjoyed an apre-ceremony sparkling cider toast. Photographer Keahi captured lots of beautiful images, including a magnificent sunset. Lori & Jason also took the opportunity to have a few images taken with Santa's hats for their first Christmas card together.

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes them a wonderful life as Husband & Wife!


Photographed by: Keahi Incillio  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Shue & Minwoo's Beautiful Morning Wedding on Oahu's Waimanalo Beach February 12, 2017 14:57

With its powdery white sand and turquoise waters, Waimanalo Beach on Oahu's windward coast is a place that's long-attracted lovers. Shue and Minwoo were enthralled by this beautiful location and decided it was the place they would exchange marriage vows with the "Arch and Chairs" Wedding Package.


Married With Aloha's On-Site Coordinator, Aimei greeted the couple and their families with warm aloha. Shue & Minwoo opted for MWA's Arch and Chairs Wedding Package, ensuring that their guests would be comfortable during the ceremony. 

With her father escorting her, the bride was all smiles as she walked down the Aisle of Rose Petals towards her husband-to-be. 

Reverend Mark's ceremony was beautiful as always, with the couple exchanging their own vows and fresh flower Leis. After being pronounced Husband & Wife, the couple was showered by more flower petals by their guests as slack-key Guitarist filled the air with Hawaiian melodies.

Shue & Minwoo's families toasted the newlyweds as they cut their Wedding Cake as Photographer Keani captured the couple's joy and beauty of the location, providing Shue & Minwoo with lasting memories of their Hawaii wedding. 

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes the couple a long & happy life together!


Photographed by: Keani Bakula  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

Laura + Kyle: Tie the Knot on The Big Island of Hawai'i! February 2, 2017 01:20

We had the pleasure of planning a last minute Elopement for Laura and Kyle while they were visiting the Big Island from Iowa. They were joined by their two little boys who watched in excitement as Mom and Dad said: "I Do"!

Laura and Kyle selected our "Just The Two If Us" Elopement Package and settled on our popular Kukio Beach location. Laura looked incredible as she made her way along the golden sands to her awaiting Groom after being pampered by our In-Room Hair and Makeup Service.

Rev. Patrick started the Ceremony with a traditional Hawaiian saying before Laura and Kyle exchanged their vows to each other. All while their two boys were watching from the wings.

As scheduled the Sun dropped slowly into the Pacific Ocean right as the Photoshoot was coming to an end.

Yet another beautiful day on The Big Island and one that this couple is sure to remember forever.

Congratulations to Laura and Kyle from all of us here at MWA!

Written By: Will Binns / Photography By: Shugyofoto

A Romantic Picnic Wedding on a Gorgeous Maui Beach January 28, 2017 15:14

We had the absolute pleasure of planning our Picnic Wedding for Meagan & Tristan at one of our most popular Maui Beach Locations.

The couple traveled from Florida to Hawaii to tie the knot at our Oneloa Bay Location, also known as Ironwoods Beach. Our Picnic Wedding Elopement Package was the package of choice for Meagan & Tristan and it meant that Meagan could enjoy being pampered by our In-Room Hair and Makeup Artist at the nearby Ritz Carlton.

Our Officiant Rev. Carrll Robilotta blew the Conch Shell to mark the beginning of the ceremony as Meagan made her way down the golden sand aisle. With the Sun slowly setting towards the turquoise blue waters, our Photographer captured images that Meagan, Tristan, and their Friends and Family will enjoy for years to come.

Once the excitement from the ceremony had somewhat subsided, our On-Site Coordinator, Marla welcomed the newlyweds to a private picnic on the beach. Surrounded by red rose petals, tiki torches and candles Meagan and Tristan enjoyed some much needed time together.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Enjoy some more pictures below.

Written By: Raquel Binns / Photography By: Naomi D. Sheikin 

Don't miss our Hawaii Wedding and Elopement Videos! January 27, 2017 15:30

Alex Sweeps Nicole Off Her Feet on The Big Island of Hawai'i! January 25, 2017 02:12

Every so often, some men raise the bar on surprising their girlfriend with a marriage proposal. Alex decided a proposal alone on Christmas Day simply wouldn't do, so he took it upon himself to search the internet for a wedding company to arrange for an Elopement during their New Year vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.


After communicating with a few wedding planners, Alex felt confident that Married with Aloha were the right fit to help him pull off the perfect one-two punch he had in mind for his soon-to-be fiancee Nicole!

The proposal was a huge success and surprise to Nicole! A few days later, the happy couple decided on beautiful Kukio Beach in Kona as the perfect site for their nuptials. As Alex had planned everything he had selected our "Just The Two Of Us" Elopement Package which includes our In-Room Hair and Makeup so the bride was relaxed and ready to tie-the-knot!

Married With Aloha's Big Island coordinator, Maile, greeted the couple with warm Aloha and as always Reverend Patrick's ceremony was beautiful, with the special touch of a Koa wood & Ti leaf ring ceremony.

The newlyweds enjoyed a Cider Toast while watching the Sun sink beneath the horizon. Nicole & Alex were all smiles as the warm sand tickled their toes while our Photographer captured the magic of their Big Day, providing the couple with lasting memories of the first day of the rest of their lives.


Written by: Carrll Robilotta  /  Photography by: David Arias

A Family Event - Jeanette & Ryan Elope on The Big Island January 24, 2017 12:22

We were contacted by Jeanette and Ryan who wanted to plan a simple but romantic elopement on Hawaii's Big Island. Given about 4 weeks to plan this was ample time for us to create a beautiful event they will remember forever.

Kukio Beach was selected as the location for their ceremony with our Just The Two Of Us Elopement Package. The Wedding started about 1 hour before Sunset to capture both the beautiful light before the Sunset and the Sunset itself. Jeanette had enjoyed our In-Room Hair and Makeup before making her way to the beach.

The couple were joined by their two Children who also celebrated with two Traditional Leis while Rev. Patrick Thompson performed his usual touching ceremony.

It was a truly memorable event for everyone involved. We wish both Jeanette and Ryan our Congratulations and warmest Aloha for your future lives together. Please enjoy some of the pictures from their event below.

Written By: Will Binns / Pictures By: Shugyofoto

Laurel and Chance's Kaua'i Dream Wedding at Tunnels Beach January 9, 2017 08:58

Laurel and Chance found love and then fell in love with beautiful Tunnels Beach on the magnificent north shore of Kaua'i.

With the plethora of spectacular beaches the Garden Isle has to offer, Tunnels provided the perfect blend of stunning beauty and seclusion this couple was seeking.


Married With Aloha's team of professionals ensured that every aspect of Laurel & Chance's wedding was above their expectations: their on-site coordinator Shoko greeted the couple with warm Aloha while Jeremy's Ukulele & Vocals set the mood.

As evidenced by Photographer Joshua's wonderful images of their Island-style wedding, Reverend Wesley's ceremony went over very well with the couple and their Big Day was memorable indeed. Laurel made for a lovely bride and she appeared to be on Cloud Nine the entire day.

The alluring beauty of the Garden Isle prompted Laurel & Chance to vow that they'd be back every five years to renew their vows at the very same spot! Married With Aloha's Kaua'i team said they'd be right there waiting for them :)


Written by: Carrll Robilotta  /  Photography by: Joshua Rose

Jackie & Chris' Sunny Morning Wedding at Ironwoods Beach in Maui January 7, 2017 01:30

Jackie & Chris' wedding day began bright & early with our In-Room Hair & Make-Up, while the groom dashed off for a quick swim in the resort pool.

Marla, the on-site coordinator, was on hand to greet the couple upon arrival at Oneloa Bay also known as Ironwoods. Their minister Rev. Carrll awaited them on the beach along with Live Musician, Jason. 

Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua provided the couple with the postcard-perfect views and seclusion they had hoped to have on their Big Day while their family & friends around the world enjoyed front-row seats of the ceremony via streaming [live] video! Their Photographer, Peter, captured the magic of their Wedding Day, creating memorable portraits for the couple.

Following the ceremony, Chris toasted his bride with a Sparkling Cider Toast and literally swept her up and off her feet as he carried her towards the sparkling Maui shoreline.

Everyone at Married With Aloha wishes the couple a long & happy life together!

Written by: Carrll Robilotta  /  Photography by: Peter Swanzy

Michelle & Adam's Kapalua Bay Wedding on the Beautiful Island of Maui January 7, 2017 00:44

Michelle & Adam from New Zealand, decided that in spite of the amazing natural beauty their country is known for, the Island of Maui would be the place they would tie the knot. 

The location this young couple chose for their ceremony is lovely Kapalua Bay on the upper west side of Maui. Consistently voted as one of the top beaches in the world by discerning travelers, this quarter mile crescent of golden sand is the postcard-perfect spot for a beach wedding in Hawai'i.

The bride was radiant in a lace wedding dress while the groom was comfortable in Maui-style beach chic: a pair of dress shorts and a crisp button-down shirt. Michelle's bridal bouquet perfectly complimented her dress.

Married With Aloha's expert on-site coordinator, Marla was on-hand to greet the couple and their guests on arrival, as well as to set up MWA's special touches such as a decorated cake table with champagne flutes and sparkling cider. Marla also provided the couple with Polaroid snapshots of their Big Day.

Maui wedding officiant, Carrll, conducted Michelle & Adam's Hawaiian-style ceremony, while the keen eye of photographer Peter Swanzy captured the event, creating some lasting memories for the couple.

Following the ceremony, Michelle & Adam enjoyed one of Maui's renowned sunsets and vowed they would return to the same spot for a five-year vow renewal ceremony.

Everyone at Married with Aloha wishes them a long & happy life together!

Written By: Carrll Robilotta / Photography By: Peter Swanzy

Jacqueline & Aaron: What a beautiful Elopement at Oneloa Bay in Maui November 22, 2016 19:21

Jacqueline and Aaron eloped at our Oneloa Beach Location at Oneloa Bay in Maui, which is also referred to locally as Ironwoods has been our 2016 most popular beach for our Destination Weddings and it's certainly not hard to see why!

Jacqueline and Aaron could see the natural beauty of this location and decided it was the place they wanted to say "I Do". They traveled from Australia to ties the knot on the beaches of Maui.

They selected for a small, intimate and romantic setting and went with our Everlasting Moments Package. Jacqueline also decided to add our Professional In-Room Hair and Makeup.

What an amazing evening it was, the weather was beautiful while the turquoise blue waves crashed in the background. It really is why Maui is a great location.

Nicole & Tobias: A Gorgeous Arch & Chair Wedding at Waimanalo Bay! November 14, 2016 23:14

Nicole and Tobias said "I Do" beneath our impressive hand-tied Bamboo Arch. While friends and family filled the chairs to surround the couple with love, laughter, and happiness.

The couple selected our Arch and Chairs Wedding Package at our very popular Waimanalo Bay which is located on the island of Oahu.

Our Arch is made from all natural Bamboo and is hand-tied on-site for every event. It also includes 20 chairs for your guests to relax and enjoy your ceremony.

The ceremony started at 3:00 pm, the perfect time for a Wedding at our Waimanalo Bay Location and the weather was ideal for an afternoon Wedding ceremony.

The mid-afternoon Sun always makes the water shine a beautiful turquoise blue, gorgeous!

Our Top 5 reasons to choose Hawaii for your Destination Weddings November 9, 2016 19:48

Destination Weddings have become increasingly popular with more and more couple tying the knot in locations abroad. Islands have been revered as the best spot for Weddings, Proposals, Vow Renewals and, Honeymoons.

The tropical islands of Hawaii are probably the top choice in this category. Hawaii has become one of the top places in the World for Destination Weddings due to many reasons and some of them are:

  1. Experience an outdoor Wedding amongst Nature

    Imagine tying the knot under the beautiful red and orange sky as the sun is setting over the Pacific Ocean. Exciting and romantic, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you can expect from a Wedding with us in Hawaii. The mountains, the ocean, and the beaches provide the perfect backdrop for your dream Wedding, Elopement, or Vow Renewal. All of the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island promise some of the most exotic locations that are sure to excite most couples.

  2. Perfect location for Adventure and Romance

    Getting Married in your hometown won’t give you that sense of adventure if you are looking for some. If you want to mix adventure with romance, Hawaii is the place for you! From swimming to hiking, Hawaii has it all and a trip with your lover is all you need to fall in love all over again.

  3. No need to plan a Honeymoon

    Planning for a honeymoon can be fun but hectic and additional cost. Why not choose a place where you can get married and have your honeymoon at the same time? The exotic island of Hawaii is a hot spot for honeymooners. The islands offer new places to be discovered and new and exciting things to do. A wedding plus honeymoon can also save time and money for some. Many of our couples will get married on one island and then jet off to another for a few days.

  4. Beautiful Wedding Photos

    How can you forget the gorgeous photos that will be taken during the biggest day of your life? Our Professional Photographer live and work in Hawaii and know all too well about what makes an amazing photo album.

  5. A Wedding to remember

    Who doesn’t want their Wedding to be remembered forever? Maybe the couple might remember but not the guests. A wedding in Hawaii is truly hard to forget and people are going to talk about it again and again. A wedding in Hawaii will forever be a trip to remember for your guests.

A Sunset Elopement at Sunset Beach in Oahu! November 2, 2016 01:14

Sunset Beach is famed for it's big waves during the winter months and attracts professional surfers from all over the World.

Asha and Kevin from Australia will remember it for another reason.

Located a few miles from Haleiwa, a historic surf town on Oahu's North Shore, Sunset Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach which meanders along the coast.

Asha and Kevin selected our "I Do for Two" Elopement Package. We planned everything for them so all they had to do was show up. The weather was perfect, a slight breeze across the ocean as the sun started to set.

Our Guitarist started the ceremony by playing live music and Asha looked stunning in her Wedding Dress with Traditional Hawaiian Haku "Head" Lei which are becoming more and more popular.

After the ceremony Asha and Kevin spent some time with our Photographer creating some amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations to both Asha and Kevin and your future life together!

Nicole and Josh: A Beautiful Big Island Elopement October 31, 2016 22:39

Nicole and Joshua decided to marry on The Big Island of Hawaii whilst on vacation from Australia. The were staying at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid Hotel located on The Big Islands Kohala Coast.

The ceremony was perfect. Nicole enjoyed a few hours of pampering with our Professional In-Room Hair and Makeup service which was included in her package. This means that she could really relax before the ceremony.

Josh met her for the first time in the hotel lobby along with our Photographer to get some pictures around the hotel grounds before heading to the beach.

Nicole and Joshua booked our "I Do for Two" Elopement Package. They selected a Sunset Ceremony on Coconut Grove which is part of Pauoa Bay. It's a beautiful lagoon bay with coconut trees and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

As Nicole and Joshua arrived at the ceremony location our Guitarist played the couple's favorite song to start the Wedding.

It was a wonderful event. Congratulations to Nicole and Joshua!