Aisle of Fresh Rose Petals

$ 200.00

An Aisle of Rose Petals makes every beach wedding that little more whimsical. There is no better way to walk down a golden sand beach than with fresh rose petal between your toes.

Our beautiful fresh Rose Petals are scattered along the aisle to produce an amazing aisle for you to walk to your beloved.

Which density should I choose? It takes a lot more Rose Petals than you may think to produce a thick Rose Petal Aisle.

LIGHT: This density will give you a nice scattered effect with a fair amount of space between petals.

MEDIUM: This will certainly give you a slightly longer and wider Aisle with much more coverage. It's about 2x the light density.

HEAVY: The ultimate in Fresh Rose Patal Aisle... This will give you a really thick, long and wide covering for a really colorful and picturesuq event.

  Beautiful Aisle of Rose Petals

  100% Natural to Match the Surroundings

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