A New Years Eve Surprise Proposal in Oahu January 1, 2016 11:56

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

David from Seattle, WA contacted us with plans to propose to his girlfriend Sommer during a New Years Eve Party at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in the heart of Waikiki. He planned to "ring" in the New Year in more ways than one!

His plan was to pop the big question just 5 minutes before the clocks struck midnight and he selected our Paparazzi Proposal Package to capture the moment and also included a bottle of champagne, two lei's and a beautiful bouquet of 18 red roses!

We spent a while planning this event with David as it was a little different from our normal proposal environments, but we love new challenges... The event would be simple but well planned.

Our coordinator approached Sommer and David while at the party and asked if they wanted a Polaroid Photo taken, of course, thinking it's part of the hotel party they said "sure".

David had earlier that night met up with our team and taken a polaroid picture of him on one knee and then the question "Will you Marry Me?" written on the bottom. The picture that Sommer was given back was the one of David, not the one just taken.

Obviously surprised Sommer starred at the picture for a few seconds before realizing what was happening! She obviously said "YES" as David dropped to one knee. A few minutes later fireworks started lighting up the sky as 2016 rolled around.

Thank you Raquel! 

It was great working with you on the Paparazzi Proposal. Aimei and Bret were wonderful, and Sommer was very surprised and very happy! 

She still can't believe how everything was set up so perfectly to capture the proposal. I'm very happy I got in touch with you to help plan this. 

We're looking forward to seeing the photos!

Congratulations to Sommer and David... Everyone at Married with Aloha wishes you the best in your future lives together!

The Question... Sommer is given the polaroid picture of David on one knee and the words "Will you Marry Me?" written underneath.

It takes Sommer a second to realize what is going one, as David prepares to drop to one knee to ask her the question himself.

The Answer... David, on one knee asks a very shocked and excited Sommer... "Will you Marry Me!?"

David holds up a beautiful Diamond ring for Sommer to place on her finger...

The Ring... David then takes Sommer's left hand and places the ring on her finger. Sommer cannot contain her excitement as she is seen smiling at David and the ring!

Sommer then gives David a huge hug! Congratulations to you both... Please enjoy some more pictures below!

Pictures by: Bret Thompsett