A Very British Picnic Proposal in Oahu, Hawaii September 1, 2016 23:37

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Oliver was traveling from England, UK with his girlfriend Toni and thought it would be the ideal time to propose. Looking for a quiet and secluded location we decided that Kawela Bay would be the best option.

The beautiful half moon bay is perfect for a romantic picnic and it's not just us that think that, Hollywood has used the location many times for blockbuster TV shows and movies!

Oliver had spent a while deciding which package may work best for him. In the end he settled on our Paradise Proposal Package which includes our Paparazzi Photographer, a gorgeous picnic for two and our Live Guitarist!

While the rest of Hawaii was running around preparing for Hurricane Madeline our team was preparing an amazingly beautiful picnic for our couple.

As Oliver and Toni approached our Paparazzi Photographer ready and waiting to catch the moment she said yes!

Photography by: Bret Thompsett