When a Photo Shoot turns into a Surprise Proposal August 24, 2016 21:37

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Kidane called us and wanted to create a magical and memorable event to propose to his girlfriend, Liana. After discussing a few options we settled on the "Photoshoot Decoy".

As Kidane would be traveling to Hawaii with his girlfriend and 3 children, the chances of him being able to pull her away for a surprise proposal were pretty slim, and possibly just convincing her to visit a random beach may be hard too.

The plan was to fake a photoshoot on the beach. Of course the Photographer was real and the shoot was to go ahead like any family photoshoot (for the first 15 minutes or so).

Everything went perfectly to plan and nobody but Kidane and our team knew anything out of the ordinary was about to happen. Right on cue our Guitarist strolled along the beach playing Liana's favorite song. At that point Kidane suggested the family pose for a picture with the "random" guitarist. As the family posed and smiled for the chance encounter Kidane dropped to one knee and popped the question.

The expression was very real and LianaΒ was obviously speechless for a few seconds. After the emotions subsided she agreed to marry the man that had orchestrated the whole elaborate proposal.