Will You Marry Me? A Beautiful Sunset Proposal on Magic Island, Oahu December 9, 2015 19:57 4 Comments

Paradise Proposals by Married with Aloha

Asis contacted us a few months ago from Australia and wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Sonia while they were on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. He wanted both our Paparazzi and Picnic Proposal Packages combined along with our Guitarist for that romantic ambience.

The plan was simple. Asis would take Sonia on a walk along the Magic Island Beach Park pathway until they stumbled upon a romantic picnic setup for two. Not knowing it was for her, Asis then dropped to one knee and asked that all important question. "Will you Marry Me?" 

What girl could say no?! Sonia was clearly and emotional surprised and said YES!

Congratulations to both of you from all of us at Married with Aloha in Hawaii, we wish you the very best in your future lives together! Please enjoy the pictures below...

Right before the Proposal... Asis took his Girlfriend, Sonia for a Sunset walk on Magic Island in Waikiki. The pair sat on a bench and laughed and joked. Little did Sonia know that Asis was about to pop the question!

The Question... Asis then dropped to one knee, much to the shock and clearly visible excitement of Sonia and asks her "Will you Marry Me?"

The Answer... Sonia said YES without a moments hesitation. They then lei'd each other in Traditional Hawaiian Style!

The Pictures... Asis and Sonia posed for a mini engagement photo shoot before relaxing and enjoying their picnic and live music from our guitarist!