Destination Hawaii... Planning your Hawaii Beach Wedding! May 6, 2016 11:31

Planning a Wedding or Vow Renewal in Hawaii? When planning a Destination Wedding these are our 10 Steps to making the whole process easier and a little less stressful!

  1. Decide on your Date. This is important as everything revolves around your actual date. The sooner you can secure your date the better. Your guests will need time to book time off work, your coordinators will need time to book the very best vendors possible. As you can imagine, Hawaii can get very busy during "Wedding Season" so availability may be an issue the closer you get to your date

  2. Which Island Do We Choose? Many of our couples considering Hawaii for there Wedding Celebration have never visited the Islands and therefore are unaware of what each one has to offer, each Island that we offer service on are all so different. We have put together a page all About the Hawaiian Islands which includes some videos to help give you an idea about what to expect. 

  3. Choosing Your Beach Location!? Once we know what Island you are planning on visiting and where you are thinking of staying we can suggest the best beach locations for you and your wedding party. 

  4. Asking for Help! Many couples decide to try to plan a destination Wedding ceremony themselves, this is great and we totally admire everyone for wanting to create their own dreams. We also know how stressful and overwhelming it can all become. Aside from the actual Wedding Day you have so much to plan and think about that it all could become to much. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Not only from your friends, family but also consider hiring professionals to take the stress away!

  5. Morning, Afternoon or Sunset!? What time do you want to get Married? After deciding on your island and date you will need to think about times for the ceremony. There are many factors to consider. If you are looking for a Sunset Ceremony then this will all depend on the time of year, Sunset in Winter months is around 5:30 and in the Summer around 7:00/7:30pm. Many couples opt for a Wedding a few hours prior to Sunset when the lighting is still bright and they have time to get to a Lu'au or reception for Sunset. Others plan to Marry as the Sun is setting. Morning Weddings are also a popular option!

  6. Inviting Guests... Let's face it. Traveling to Hawaii can be expensive. After flights, hotels, car rental it can be a big investment for not only you but your guests. An average Hawaii Wedding consists of about 20 guests. It's important for you to know exactly how many people can actually attend. Many would love to but a lot won't be able to. This helps you plan much easier.

  7. Get your Marriage License!!!! It's the one thing our Brides and Grooms tend to panic about but relax... We have you covered. When you book with us we send you all the information on what you need to do to obtain your license. It's a much easier process than many expect. 

  8. Double Check Everything... While everything may have been booked and then forgotten about it's worth taking a few minutes to double check all your plans. Flights, Times, Hotels, Rentals etc. 

  9. Allow Time!!! Flying to a different timezone with different climates can be a strain for anyone, esspecially when you are getting married! We always suggest leaving a good few days (if possible) from arriving in Hawaii to getting married. You need to settle in, adjust to the time difference, make sure all your guests arrive on-time and then get your marriage license. It's just a good idea to allow a few extra days.

  10. Have Fun... In the Sun! Remember most importantly this will be one of the most exciting trips of your life so remember to relax and have fun. Nobody is going to enjoy themselves if you are stressing out :) If your happy, your guests will be happy to. Oh and don't forget your swimsuit!!!