Book Your Hawaii Beach Wedding or Elopement September 22, 2019 19:02

If you found this page then the chances are you considering a Wedding in Hawaii. Getting married on a beach in Hawaii is the dream for many and making it a reality isn't as hard as you think.

Sure, it's going to take some time and planning on your part like first deciding if you want to Elope and it be just the two of you or have a more traditional wedding in Hawaii with friends, family, and guests. You may even plan a small reception on the island for those who can be with you.

Over the years we have developed a process that allows you to book an event with us and not have to worry about anything else ceremony related. We really designed it to make getting married in Hawaii as easy as possible for everyone.

Where to start?

The first major decision to make is the date. For some, this is the most important aspect of the Wedding and for others, the date is flexible, however, until you have a date or date range in mind it's hard to really price things out like flights and hotel, etc. 

At the same time as deciding on the date, choosing an island to marry is another big decision. We offer our services on all four major Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai & The Big Island. Every island is truly unique in its own way and each one has something different to offer. We recommend researching the islands to see if one will suit you better than another. You can visit our "About The Hawaiian Islands" page for more information.

You can either contact us before your date and island are decided or after, it's up to you. Many couples check the date with us and then start to put everything else together. You can use our Check Your Date Form. 

From this point on we will direct you and assist you until the big day making sure you have and that we have everything we need to create a completely stress-free wedding experience.