Emerging from The Pandemic! March 20, 2021 16:53

You don't need us to tell you (or remind you about 2020) - It was a year that will remain in all of our memories forever. A year when the things we took for granted were taken away from us. People forced to stay home, business's forced to close (many forever) and families not able to see loved ones or even pay their final respects.

Moving Forward... A lot has changed since the beginning of the Pandemic. Just last March when the mandatory 14 day quarantines we set in place for Hawaii, we had 80+ events planned for 2020. The majority of these were postponed, but sadly some were canceled.

We would never ever have dreamed that we would be forced to cancel so many events and more so disrupt so many couples plans and lives. We were heartbroken for each and everyone of them but at the same time we had to try our hardest to protect our business, so that, when the pandemic was over we could still be there to fulfill our promises and our dreams to our clients, now and in the future.

We want to thank all of our clients who worked with us to postpone their events and make sure that we didn't loose our time and money already invested in them. This really helped us weather the worst of the storm and be there to carry on where we left off.

Although things are far from "back to normal", 2021 has certainly seen some restrictions lifted for many parts of the USA, including Hawaii, and the roll out of the vaccine across the World will hopefully provide more incentives to get things full back to normal sooner rather than later.

Since October 15th, 2020 Hawaii started to allow visitors again. They could avoid the mandatory quarantine provided they took part in the pre-flight testing program and tested negative for Covid-19. This was a fantastic moment for us, and Hawaii in general as we could finally start offering our services for very small elopements. 

We are open again. We are planning events for 2021 and further ahead. The only real restrictions that affects us (and you) right now is group sizes at events. As each island in Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Kauai & The Big Island) mandate their own group gathering size this means that the amount of guests allowed at each event depends on which island your event is set to take place on, and, of course the current restrictions at the time of your event, which may of changed since you booked. At this time we highly recommend keeping guest size as minimal as possible.

If you would like to inquire about availability for your date please click the "Check Your Date" at the top of this page. Furthermore, if you read this post let us know and we will take 5% off the package price.