How to get Married on a Beach in Hawaii? October 1, 2019 23:27

It's no secret that planning a wedding is a big deal but planning a beach wedding in Hawaii away from home on an island you may never have visited can be overwhelming for some and seemingly impossible for others! We are here to change all of that. As Wedding Planners and Coordinators we make the whole process as easy as possible for you. That's our job and promise.

After years in the Hawaii wedding business, we have all the answers, we have seen it all. We know the best Florists and the most beautiful beaches, along with the best time to marry on a particular island or location. Not only that but we offer our services on all four major Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai & The Big Island. So, if at the time of reading this you have no idea which island you want to visit or marry on then we can help!

OK, so enough about what we can do for you. About how much time, effort and money we can save you. Let's see what it really takes to get married on a beach in Hawaii.

Travel | First things first, you will need to get to Hawaii. Depending on where and when you are traveling from prices will vary. We always recommend shopping around and finding the best possible prices. Saving a few hundred dollars on your flight will go along way in Hawaii. Flying mid-week is often cheaper than flying during the weekend and avoiding any major holidays if possible is always a plus. We do have a Travel Center with some ideas for you to work from.

Guests or no guests? | This is a great question and one most couple decide on early on in the planning stage (and can often change when Aunt Betty finds out!). Are you looking for a Wedding with guests, or, are you more attracted to the thought of jumping on a plane and eloping on a tropical island? Either way works great but make sure you're friends and family know your plans. If you want them to be there, let them know, give them lots of time to plan (and save), to book time off work or find someone to watch the kids... If you are looking to Elope then let your friends and family know in advance to save any shocks or upset family (unless you are planning on a completely secret event, in which case lets keep it hush, hush!) 

If you do have guests attending your event then it may change where you may choose to stay in Hawaii or maybe even the island(s) you plan to visit, for example, if you have a lot of guests then making sure they are all occupied with something to do will be worth considering, the city of Honolulu on Oahu never fails in this but will that quiet romantic B&B work with guests?

Once you have all of that sorted out and you land in Hawaii one of the first things you will need to do is visit a Hawaii State Marriage License Agent to collect your Hawaii Marriage License. Obtaining your Hawaii Marriage License is a fairly easy two-step process and we send you all the details when you book with us. You first will apply online and then when you arrive in Hawaii you will need to collect it in person. All you need are your valid ID or Passports. Usually, it takes no longer than 15 minutes!

Once your marriage license is in hand you're good to go. Ideally, there would be two days between arriving and getting married so you have time to adjust to the timezone change, weather, excitement, etc. This also allows a little buffer room just in case a flight was delayed or baggage misplaced. Speaking of misplaced luggage, always make sure you keep your important documents, wedding bands, vows etc in your carry on luggage. You can always find something in Hawaii to wear if the worst happened but those other items are harder to replace in a hurry!

We will have already sent you your detailed Event Schedule and Timeline for the day, so, by this point, you will know exactly what is happening and when. When the big day arrives everything should go to plan and run smoothly and following the schedule will be a breeze. Depending on the services you added you may have Hair & Makeup, all this is timed into your Event Schedule. 

When the time is ready you will make your way to the ceremony location. On most islands, there is travel needed from your hotel to the ceremony location. How will you travel to your ceremony location? Maybe a Rental Car, Taxi, Uber? It's all worth thinking about how to save time and stress later.

We purchase all the beach permits that are needed for your event, so, all you have to do is show up at the time listed on your timeline. Our team will meet you when you arrive and, well, the rest is yet to be written. 💕