Hannah & Jon Elope on Oahu's Magnificent Sunset Beach! May 1, 2017 11:37

Oahu's world-famous North Shore features a long stretch of golden sand beaches known as the 'Seven Mile Miracle'.

Sunset Beach is considered the crown jewel of this seven-mile stretch and is popular with big-wave surfers during the winter months. Sunset Beach is also very appealing to couples seeking a majestic beach location to tie-the-knot and it's the location that Hannah & Jon chose for their nuptials.


Married With Aloha's Aimei greeted the couple with warm aloha. Radiant in her wedding gown, the bride was all smiles as she walked towards her soon-to-be husband. The late afternoon sun bathed the couple in a warm, diffused light as Reverend Mark led Hannah & Jon through a beautiful ceremony which included a traditional Hawaiian lei exchange and exchange of wedding rings.

After being pronounced 'Husband & Wife' the newlyweds toasted one another with sparkling cider and basked in the moments captured by their photographer.

Jon vowed to bring his bride back to the same spot to celebrate their ten year anniversary and Hannah happily agreed. Everyone at Married with Aloha wishes the couple a wonderful life together!


Photographed by: Bret Thompsett  /  Written by: Carrll Robilotta

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