Tess & Frank Elope on Maui June 9, 2023 13:55

Tess and Frank from the Netherlands had an unforgettable experience at Po’olenalena Beach as they eloped in a small ceremony on the sandy shores.

Tess looked stunning in a green 1920s-inspired wedding dress accompanied by beautiful orchids in her hair, while Frank wore a classic grey suit with a matching dark blue tie.

The couple was joined by Frank's brother who delivered a heartfelt speech during the ceremony.

The minister who officiated the wedding was Reverend Carrll Robilotta, and the couple's photography was skillfully captured by Maui Professional Photography. The entire event was perfectly planned and coordinated by Raquel.

Tess and Frank recited their personal vows to one another, sealing their commitment to each other under the bright sun and with the cool ocean breeze in the background.

As a symbol of their love, the couple exchanged leis during the ceremony. It was undoubtedly a momentous occasion that they will cherish forever.

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